Winter in Madrid by C J Sansom

A special 10th anniversary edition of the standalone bestseller, Winter in Madrid, by the author of the much-loved Shardlake series, C J Sansom.

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1940: The Spanish Civil War is over, and Madrid lies ruined, its people starving, while the Germans continue their relentless march through Europe. Britain now stands alone while General Franco considers whether to abandon neutrality and enter the war.

Into this uncertain world comes Harry Brett: a traumatized veteran of Dunkirk turned reluctant spy for the British Secret Service. Sent to gain the confidence of old school friend Sandy Forsyth, now a shady Madrid businessman, Harry finds himself involved in a dangerous game – and surrounded by memories.

Meanwhile Sandy’s girlfriend, ex-Red Cross nurse Barbara Clare, is engaged in a secret mission of her own – to find her former lover Bernie Piper, a passionate Communist in the International Brigades, who vanished on the bloody battlefields of the Jarama.

In a vivid and haunting depiction of wartime Spain, Winter in Madrid by C. J. Sansom is an intimate and compelling tale which offers a remarkable sense of history unfolding, and the profound impact of impossible choices.

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A remarkable achievement

Times Literary Supplement

Sansom’s action-packed thriller is a classic tale

Daily Mail

A convincing and moving historical novel, which is also an exciting thriller . . . Sansom has a good eye for detail that brings the time alive

Sunday Times

Author C J SansomC J Sansom was educated at Birmingham University, where he took a BA and then a Ph.D. in history. After working in a variety of jobs, he retrained as a solicitor and practised in Sussex, until becoming a full-time writer. Sansom is the bestselling author of the acclaimed Shardlake series, the Spanish Civil War thriller Winter in Madrid and the number one bestseller Dominion. He lives in Sussex.

1 review for Winter in Madrid by C J Sansom

  1. Adam Garcia

    Winter in Madrid is set during the Spanish civil war and is the tale of three English school friends who all find themselves in Spain during this horrific period of the country’s history. This book is packed full of sub-plots with romance, friendship, spying, surviving and suffering that really gives the reader a feel for how it would have been like to live in the Spanish capital during those times.

    It did take me a while to get into this book and it only became a page turner for me towards the third and last part of the book when it all unravelled very quickly. However, with hindsight I did enjoy the slow build up as this added to the sense of understanding. There were long periods of the characters being unable to do what they wanted or needed to do and so you live with them through that period of waiting.

    The descriptions in this book were vivid and enabled you to be immersed in the moment to feel as though you are there, feeling the cold and the uncertainty around you. In the epilogue we learn that the prisoner of war camp in Cuenca was fictional, albeit based on accounts of other similar camps. The conditions were truly awful and the prisoners fear of the guards was very apparent, flinching as they expect to be hit and knowing their limits with each individual guard.

    There are many references to institution in Madrid that are still there today, such as Cafe Gijon, where I frequently enjoy a menu del dia. For anyone living in Madrid, this book will make you look at the city in a very different light and helps a great deal to understand the city’s past.

    C J Sansom has clearly taken every measure to portray history accurately and finding the pockets where he could enter the fictional elements of his story. Again, reading the epilogue was fascinating to see how he admittedly moulded a few historical facts to fit the plot. Something I love about historical fiction is how you learn more about something or somebody that you know from your history lessons at school and get a greater insight into their behaviour and traits through the storyline as though you are right back in that moment in time with them.

    A really great read, a must for anyone living in Madrid or with an interest in the control of European power during the 1930´s.

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