The Secret Barrister: Stories of the Law and How It’s Broken

An anonymous barrister offers a shocking, darkly comic and very moving journey through the legal system – and explains how it’s failing all of us.

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The Secret Barrister is a junior barrister specialising in criminal law. The Secret Barrister writes for Solicitors Journal, New Statesman and INews and has written pieces in the Sun, the Mirror and Huffington Post.

In 2016, the Secret Barrister was named Independent Blogger of the Year at the Editorial Intelligence Comment Awards.

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Dishes the dirt — or serves up a slice of reality — on what barristers do

The Times

The Secret Barrister can write…everyone who has any interest in public life should read it…this is a book of some brilliance, clearly explained, cogently argued

Daily Mail

By turns eye-opening, damning and hilarious, the secret barrister lifts the lid on a legal system where the system, the politicians, the lack of funding and sometimes the judges are the real villains and the victims are all of us

Tim Shipman, author of Fall Out and All Out War


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