Hi.  I’m Adam, the founder of MadRead.

The MadRead bookstore is a new chapter, born from a desire to get out from behind a desk, do something I enjoy and help others get enjoyment from it too. Having moved from London to Madrid to continue my career as a financial consultant in the glorious sunshine and clear blue skies of the Spanish capital, it quickly became clear that the world of financial consulting is much the same across borders. It was now or never, so the time had come to log out. 

Ok, I quit. Now what's the plan?

During a recent trip to New York to visit friends I found myself going into bookstores and buying an unreasonable number of books that I only just managed to fit into my suitcase! One of these books was When to Jump by Mike Lewis, which reignited my desire to work for myself, run my own business and do something that inspires me. Having not had much time to read whilst working on consulting projects I rediscovered how walking into a bookstore can open your mind to other worlds, ideas and opinions that lie within the pages.

On returning to Madrid I noticed there were few independent book stores dedicated to the English language that gave me that same feeling of wonder and excitement I had in New York. Yes, you can buy books in English here and there is always the online South American river behemoth, but that is not the same as a small, local, friendly store with good service where you can meet friends, have a good cup of coffee and buy great books. 

So it begins…

The first phase of this venture is the online store to sell books to English speakers and anyone learning English here in Spain.  But why online? Well that is a good question. Let me explain…

The heart of this idea is to open a physical book store in the centre of Madrid; a home for English books in Spain.  A place where book lovers can come and browse the shelves, enjoy good coffee, meet new people and talk about books.  I hope that with some hard work, great service and dedication that store will arrive in the near future.  

But first I need to find you!  The book worms.  I know you are out there.  After all who doesn’t enjoy reading books?  No matter what interests you, there is a book that you are going to love!  But here’s the thing. You may not even know it exists. So this is our objective.  Helping you to find and discover your next great read.

Welcome to MadRead Online!

...and this is where we are heading

The next phase will be to open the physical bookstore and I cannot wait to see you there soon. In the meantime, I hope I can help you can find some great books to satisfy your intrigue, help you relax or gift to friends and family.

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