2019 Reading Lists. Have You Made Yours Yet?

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Happy New Year from MadRead!  We hope that you have all had a great Christmas and enjoyed the new year celebrations.  By now you will have made those new year resolutions so it is about time for action. If one of your resolutions is to read more, or more than last year or more widely or just read something then we are here to help you decide what to add to your 2019 Reading List.

Here is our guide to preparing your reading list for 2019.  The most important thing to consider is that you tailor your list for your tastes, your preferences, the time you have available to read and the books that you want to read, not what you think you should be reading.  The key to building your reading list and achieving it is to keep motivated.  So make sure you include books that have themes or topics or that interest and intrigue you.  Recommendations from your close friends and family who know you well should also help to to populate and complete your list.  So here are our 3 steps to reading success in 2019.

Step 1: Setting a Target

First of all you need to think about setting a realistic target!  In 2015, Chief Executive of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, started a book club and told the world he was going to read a book every two weeks.  That is a lot of reading for the CEO of a big company, so you need to consider what is an appropriate target for you.  Here is some simple advice on how to set your reading target;

Last Year: Start by counting up how many books you read in 2018

When and where: Think about when you read those books.  Was is it all during your two week summer holiday by the beach then nothing else all year, or do you read a little every night and are consistently eating up books?

Free time: It all comes down to how much time you have available to set aside for reading so you need to consider what you will be doing in 2019 that is different to what you did in 2018.  If you will be planning a wedding for example then you are not going to have much free time. 

Target Setting: Having considered all of this, you will be able to determine whether you will be able to read more or less this year so that you can set a realistic number of books to aim to read.

The answer? You have guessed it, there is no right answer to this one.  At least not right now.  But if you get to the end of this year and have just about managed to read all of the books on your list then you have nailed it!

Step 2: Books, Books, Books

So many books to choose from!!  So how are you going to decide what to read in 2019?  Well you have come to the right place because we get asked this question all the time and don’t worry about how low or high you have set your target, how fast or slow you read, how narrow or wide your reading taste.  We have always got more recommendations to find the perfect book for you.  Below we provide some inspiration for how to build up your reading list and where you can find even more recommendations that will suit your taste.

  • Gifts: The first books on your list will probably be those you have received as Christmas presents from friends and family.  This will get you started and may even see you through the first month or two depending on how many books you have been gifted.
  • 2018 Leftovers: We all enjoy cold turkey sandwiches after Christmas so why not add the books you didn’t get around to reading from your 2018 reading list to start you off in the new year.  They were probably books you aspired to read, maybe some classics or books that were recommended by friends and family.  Don’t give up on them, add them into your new list. The feeling of satisfaction for finally reading that book you didn’t get around to will be worth it.
  • Best of 2018: Another source of inspiration is the best books of 2018 that you heard were good.  To start you off in this regard, we would recommend Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine (Gail Honeyman), I Am, I Am, I Am (Margaret O´Farrell) and This Is Going to Hurt (Adam Kay). If you want more ideas then there are a tonne of places for inspiration such as Goodreads, New York Times, Publishers Weekly, Guardian and Esquire just to name a few.
  • Take a Break: By now you have sent a target and should have quite a few titles on your list and we suggest that you stop there.  Why? Well many of the books you will read this year have not yet been published so you will want to come back to your list throughout the year to add more titles.

How can I discover new books to read?: That is what we are here for! So below we have suggested a few ways that we can help you to find your next book whenever you are ready for it.

  • MadRead will keep you informed through our newsletters. If you haven’t signed up yet, you can do so here and you also get a 10% discount off your first purchase.
  • On our homepage we have a recommended book every month for each of the main categories so no matter when you need a recommendation or what you like to read we have already thought of something for you.
  • We are regularly writing book reviews for new releases that we publish on our website and members of our book club network review the books they are reading to help you decide whether their chosen book will interest you.
  • Bestseller lists are published in many newspapers and on the internet that can help you to keep track of the most popular new releases.
  • Book Clubs: There are so many advantages of joining a book club. You will meet new people with similar interests which is great if you have just moved to a new place or just want to meet like minded people. When it comes to book choices most book clubs have a voting system where the members make suggestions and you vote on what book to read. You will therefore find that you read books that you would not have chosen yourself, which is the best way of discovering new authors and genres. If you want to join a book club then take a look at our book club network members and sign up. If you join book club in our network we give you a 10% discount off all the books in our store. That never expires so our book clubs always have a great price on any book.

Step 3: Paper, Pixel or Play?

Whether you like to read a physical book, an Ebook or listen to the audio version, it really doesn’t matter.  Here are our thoughts:

  • Some people will say listening to an audio book is not really reading.  Well that may be true, it isn’t reading, it’s listening after all but the only thing that is important is that you enjoy the format you are using.  If you don’t enjoy it, you won’t keep reading or listening to great books.  
  • You need to choose what works for you and that may be different from book to book and month to month.  
  • It comes back to what we have already said.  You are the only person who knows how much time you have available for reading.  If you have to drive a lot for your job then audio books are a great way to get through your books.  Just keep your eyes on the road!

We hope this will help you get your 2019 reading list started and remember, you don’t have to decide all of the books right now.  We will be here to give you more recommendations when you are ready for them.

Good luck and happy MadReading!

Adam Garcia

Adam Garcia

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